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Thursday, June 2, 2011

     So hello, my name is Beth. I’m an English Communications and Technology major at UMBC, with hopeful minors in Literature and Creative Writing. After I finish college I really hope to go abroad and teach English for a bit. Writing is the closest thing I have to a talent and reading has always been my passion. My favorite color is pink and outside of reading I love fashion and hot men ;)
     Ciao, the name’s Heather. I’m a Professional Writing Major at Penn State, minoring in creative writing. I hope to go to grad school afterwards to to get my PH.D in English. My greatest passion in life is reading, The act of spilling words on paper or word processor is like second nature, breathing. Beth and I are always writing and devouring books(not always in that order) and decided that a book blog would be a perfect idea for us. Hopefully I’ll get my first review up before Beth has reviews her first hundred haha

      This blog is the start of an adventure, that I hope will be a good one. Our goal is simple: read, review, and spread love! I love reading, it’s something I spend so much of my time doing and I read so many good books that I really want to be able to tell a lot of people about those books. Summer is definitely the time to start such a task, with ample time and lots of sunshine to read in J

     I have a personal goal to read 3 books a week, but we’ll see how that works out. Other ideas I had for this blog was an ‘Author Spotlight’ to talk about excellent authors that Heather and/or I enjoy. Maybe we can take the time to talk about manga (Japanese comics) that we really enjoy. Maybe reviews of used bookstores in our area. I’m not sure what other plans there could be, but new ideas will pop up as we go along.

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